You can order online our authentic Uzbek plov, somsa, manty and shashlik.


Uzbek Plov in London UK

Uzbek Plov for min 5 persons – £150 (exc. VAT)


Uzbek Somsa in London UK

Min order 50 Somsas for £250 (exc. VAT)


Uzbek shashlik in London UK

Shashlik min order 10 units for £100 (exc. VAT)


Uzbek manty in London UK

Manty min order 10 portions (3 units in one portion) £100 (exc VAT)


To place the order please contact us:

Please note all orders must be placed 5 days before the delivery date. Payment in advance by PayPal. Delivery charges will apply. We serve only in London (UK) for now.

Samarkand Team